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Cancer and Sex: Why Is Nobody Talking About It? • 7.1917

The Plot to Paper College Campuses with Racist Posters • 4.20.17

The Man Who Taught America to Play • 12.21.16

Women of the CIA: The Hidden History of American Spycraft • 9.21.16

What Do America Teens Want? Less Racism • 5.12.16

The Fight to End Period Shaming Is Going Mainstream • 4.20.16

Life After Eleven Years of Captivity, Rape and Torture: Michelle Knight’s Story • 9.3.15

The Hunt for Child Sex Abusers Is Happening in the Wrong Places • 6.24.15

The Bay of Fat Cats: Cuba is on the cusp of another revolution, this one fought with lines of credit instead of rifles and slogans • 3.12.15

Jane Goodall’s Jungles • 10.23.14

America’s Best and Drunkest • 9.11.14

Hate on Ice: The surprising truth behind the Olympics’ ‘gayest’ sport • 1.31.14

Sex and the Single Tween • 1.24.14

Features and Profiles

Las Vegas Victim: Blue Cross Blue Shield Was the Attack’s Other Villain • 1.6.18

Hurricanes Destroyed Water Island, the Most Forgotten Place in America • 10.28.17

Meet the Men Fighting To Stop Menstruation-Shaming in the Developing World

The End of Sweet Briar College and the Problem With Women’s Colleges • 4.30.15

In Orthodox Jewish Divorce, Men Hold All the Cards • 4.8.15

Sallie Krawcheck Wants to Take Women to the Top of Business • 12.23.14

Murder Town USA (aka Wilmington, Delaware) • 12.09.14

The Age-Old Old-Age Problem • 9.24.14

The Girls Who Tried to Kill for Slender Man • 8.13.14

A Family’s Lost Love Letters, a Stranger, and a History Revealed • 7.23.14

Her Biggest Race: Erika Brannock, who lost a leg in the Boston Marathon bombing, plans to stand up and cheer at the 118th marathon • 4.2.14

For Caregivers, Alzheimer’s Can Be a Life Sentence • 3.28.14

Our Lost Generation: Alzheimer’s affects more than 5 million Americans, but in 20 years not a single new drug has been developed for it • 3.27.14

Culture Stories

Why King of Bollywood Akshay Kumar Made A Movie About Menstruation • 12.19.17

Even Emojis Force Stilettos on Women • 10.24.17

How ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ Is Addressing the Republican Assault on DACA • 10.3.17

Model Launches Lingerie Line for the Women Fashion Forgets • 10.3.17

‘Stronger’ is the Boston Marathon Movie We Didn’t Know We Needed • 9.21.17

‘Who the Hell Needs an Education?’ The Early Art (and Rebellion) of Alex Katz • 4.27.17

Photographer Phil Toledano’s Professional Flirtation with the Cruel Fates of Life • 11.23.16

Dear Coquette: Who Are You? • 10.12.16

The Point of Must Return: Unplugging in the Adirondacks • 7.10.16

Drugs, Power and Popped Collars: The True Story Behind ‘The Preppie Connection’ • 3.18.16

Rachel Platten and the Story Behind That Song You Can’t Get Out of Your Head • 3.12.16

You Too Can Write a Best-Seller • 6.15.15

Pitch Perfect: A Cappella Finds Its Moment • 5.9.15

Tornado in a Teacup: Lori Nix lovingly creates monumental disasters on a tabletop • 2.9.15

Why Hitchcock’s Film on the Holocaust Was Never Shown • 1.17.15

God Damn You, Mr. Rosewater: Jon Stewart’s new film, Rosewater, explores the horror and humor in the saga of a jailed Newsweek reporter • 11.17.14

Moving Heaven and Earth: Murder, betrayal and an explosive sex scandal in America’s early days • 11.17.14

Photographing the End of the Borscht Belt in the Catskills • 9.10.14

Who’s Your Sugar Daddy? A new documentary wants you to think differently about what it means to pay for sex • 9.9.14

Mike Judge Returns to the Office for Silicon Valley • 5.29.14

HBO Documentary ‘The (Dead Mothers) Club’ Looks at Daughters Left Behind • 5.12.14

Everything is Awesome • 5.1.14

Seth Rogen, Big Laughs and a Grim Disease • 4.10.14

Sam Gordon: The Post-Feminist Flash Gordon • 2.21.14

The Mother of All Thanksgivings • 11.28.13

Some Art’s Painful by Design • 11.21.13

Surviving the Hemingways: Barbara Kopple’s new film goes deep into the story of one of America’s most famous and troubled families • 11.1.13

Dressing Down for Halloween with Comedian Judy Gold • 10.25.13

Why the ‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Issue Still Matters • 10.25.13

Pet Costumes are Halloween’s Newest Cash Cow • 10.23.13

The Full Beauty Photo Project: Big Women Bare All • 10.21.13

The Selfie As Art? One Gallery Thinks So • 10.17.13

An Introduction to the New Newsweek – Video • 10.15.13

Stardust Memoirs: Delia Ephron shows that a harrowing childhood can be a writer’s best friend • 10.11.13


Advice to Pro-Clinton Parents on Talking About Trump • 11.10.16

How Susan B. Anthony’s Grave Became a Monument of Hope • 11.8.16

Madonna’s Surprise Hillary Clinton Concert in New York • 11.8.16

American Schools Embrace the Tampon • 9.6.16

New York Terminates the Tampon Tax • 7.21.16

The Women Taking On Menstrual Equity • 4.21.16

How to Solve College Debt: An Online School May Have the Answer • 12.18.14

Screen Time Makes Tweens Clueless on Reading Social Cues • 8.21.14

Holocaust Survivor Hedy Epstein, Arrested in Ferguson Protest, Says Racism Is Alive in America • 8.19.14

Making Menthol Uncool • 4.9.14

Gloria Steinem at 80: Taking Stock of Today’s Women’s Movement • 2.14.14

You Can’t Buy Press Like This: A Chinese billionaire comes to town to acquire The New York Times. Or CNN. • 1.10.14

Murder in the Air: Twenty-five years on, a Lockerbie widow recalls the day she lost a husband and her three small children lost a father • 12.19.13

No Vino? No Thanks. We’re Italian: As the nation’s wine exports soar, the beverage is getting less amore at home • 11.14.13

Divorce in the Orthodox Jewish Community Can be Brutal, Degrading and Endless • 11.12.13

The Most Hopeful Sad Story You’ll Read Today • 10.17.13

The Forward: Select Writing

Rediscovering Beauty Amid Ruins of Once-Glorious Catskills • 9.22.13

Terror at the Boston Marathon • 4.15.13

Maine Rabbi’s Injury Forges Remarkable Partnership Between Two Branches of Faith • 4.15.13

Navigating Curves in the Era of Food TV • 3.13.13

A Jones by Any Other (Married) Name • 2.12.13

Jewiest Dog in Show • 2.12.13

My Jewish American Girl • 1.4.13

My Very Jewish Christmas  • 12.12.12

Man on a Mission: How a Chance Meeting Led to Japan’s Holocaust Education Center • 12.29.10

Love, Loss, and What Tovah Feldshuh Wore • 12.1.10

Erotic Paintings of Paris Life Find a Florida Home • 10.11.10

Leonard Nimoy’s ‘Secret Selves’ • 10.4.10

Arab-Jewish Duo Unites Over Sexy Synth-Pop • 9.21.10

The Forward: Select Editing Projects

Women and Mourning • September 2013

Grieving for a loved one is fiercely personal; doing so as a woman, guided by Jewish laws, can be comforting or restricting — sometimes both. This series, comprised of essays from writers and submissions from readers, appeared in print and on the Sisterhood blog.

Aging Special Section • May 2013

From aging Holocaust survivors and baby boomers’ rocky road to (Jewish) love to  job loss and the vocabulary we use to talk about growing old, the Forward’s inaugural special section explored issues around aging in the Jewish community.

America’s Most Inspiring Rabbis • March 2013

Edited and managed the first ever “Inspiring Rabbis” series, featuring 36 rabbis selected from hundreds of nominations nationwide; oversaw print and online design and rollout. Online package garnered second-highest day of web traffic in the Forward’s history.

Some Retirees Opting for Campus Life • 12.3.10

How Seniors Live Now • 8.23.10 • Videos on Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities and Assisted Living

The Daily

#NoFilter: Behind the Lens with Instagram’s Biggest Stars • Summer 2012

4-part video series: Steph Goralnick • Chris Ozer • Liz Eswein • Alice Gao

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow  • 1.25.11

The Washington Post

Most senior citizens learn to adapt to the loss of a partner • 8.10.10

Yoga Classes Bring a Little Tranquility to P.S. 150 • 11.15.10

Puzzling Performance of Movement and Sounds on Broad Street • August 2010

Protesters Rail Against Planned Cultural Center and Mosque • 6.7.10

The Life and Art of Michael Gaillard • 12.17.09

It’s Halloween, Anything Goes • 11.30.09

A Brooklyn Beat • 9.8.09

November 1974: Lynda Benglis’s ‘Centerfold’

The Boston Phoenix

Inventing the Future • 5.13.09

America’s Elite Prep Schools • 4.6.09

Barbie: The Ultimate Career Woman • 3.5.09

Barbie’s Last Will and Testament • 3.5.09

Love’s Power Players • 2.6.09

The Boston Globe

Op-Ed: The mother of perfection • 5.15.08

Boston Magazine

Om Schooling • 3.19.08